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Vivaldianno is a timeless musical project featuring renowned musicians of various styles and carefully assigned roles, who created a multicolored medley of contemporary music build upon baroque foundations.
The classical music violin virtuoso Jaroslav Svěcený and rock keyboardist and composer Michal Dvořák, the founding member of Lucie (the most famous Czech musical formation of the end of the 20th century) have showed immense verve, with which they delved into this multigenre project that should address listeners across all generations and styles.
They have started “to play” and make experiments with sounds of classical, ethnical and electronic musical instruments. They addressed the guitar legend Radim Hladík, the cutting-edge orchestral musicians from Prag, the choir, the world renowned didgeridoo player Ondřej Smeykal, incredible interpret of Indian sitar Ladislav Brom, a second guitarist and arranger Jiří Janouch, a Bolivian native from Chochabamba playing the charanga (a small ten string guitar), the sampogna (a huge bamboo flute) and kena (a wind instrument), the great skilled percussionist Miloš Vacík (on the record, you can hear him playing darbuka, djembe, surdo, caxixi, apito, congo, bata, talking drum and udu or, to put it differently ibodram, that looks like vase with holey bottom) and have started working together.
While listening to the record you can imagine walking through the gallery full of beautiful paintings - are they new? Are they old? Or both?
Enjoy the record with the same pleasure as those who have created this as a homage to the genius who is returning among at the start of the 21st century, because he still has got much to say to us and is full of inspiration.