Agent: Harald Büchel +43 699 110 133 02

The Opera D’amore project is an author’s opera show by ASARA, bringing together separate love scenes (duets, arias and overtures), in the most creative way ever imagined.

Join us as the classical opera enters the 21st century with spectacular 3D visual effects and interactive stage décor, showing you an innovative magical performance never seen before in the world of opera.

Our belief is that everyone should experience “opera” and with the possibility of modern technologies, we are able to give our audience an easily digested opera show in a very innovative and entertaining way.

This enchanting stroll introduces us to 13 of the most popular love scenes, from seven different operas from the world opera heritage. With the marvelous music by Verdi, Puccini, Mascagni, Donizetti, Leoncavallo and other titans of the classical repertoire. It is a true celebration of LOVE and MUSIC combined with stunning cinematic visual effects that will remain in people’s hearts forever.