Masters Of Dirt


Agent: Birger Gaetjens +43 676 701 8077

Masters of Dirt is the world’s wildest Freestyle Show! It features Freestyle Motocross, Mountainbike, Bmx, Snowmobile, Quadbikes, Rzr Buggies, the Fuelgirls, Dj Mosaken, Pyrotechnics and much more.

With M.O.D we believe freestyle is the entertainment of the 21st century and have chosen not to run our events as competitions, giving us more creative freedom and allowing us to adapt to the desires and preferences of our partners and fans. From a small arena to a stadium show, we have you covered, with the credibility and quality assurance of the M.O.D brand.

The M.O.D Family consists of fans, followers, partners and riders all over the world. Beyond live shows, MOD also proudly features TV shows, fashion lines and much more. Over 200 shows have enthralled audiences in over 18 countries. So, come dive into our world and experience it yourself.

“… Masters of Dirt is not just a show, but an attitude and LIFESTYLE!”

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