iMUCHA- Alphonse Mucha – Belle Époque Coming Alive


Agent: Birger Gaetjens +43 676 701 8077

iMUCHA - MULTIMEDIA CONCERT SHOWiMucha is a unique international multimedia show about the battle between creativity and destruction, which takes place against the background of the life and work of the world-famous painter, graphic artist, designer and visionary of the Art Nouveau style Alphonse Mucha.A young comic book artist from New York is experiencing an extraordinary story. He falls in love with a French girl who looks just like a girl from one of Mucha‘s posters. At the same time, he gains the superpower to enter paintings and move in their world. Here begins his mysterious and somewhat frightening journey to the beautiful girl and a man from the past who is looking for help in the fight against a black cloud of vanity.