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Electric Swing Circus Bio The Electric Swing Circus: Bridging Eras with Electrifying Music Hailing from Birmingham, UK, The Electric Swing Circus are a genre-defying phenomenon that has set the global music scene ablaze. Comprising of six exceptionally talented members, they have crafted a sound that seamlessly weaves together vintage swing, jazz, and contemporary electronic beats.

At the forefront, Fe Salomon and Vicki Olivia, both mesmerising vocalists, have been the driving forces behind the band's captivating sound. Their harmonious voices evoke a sense of nostalgia while remaining irresistibly modern, and their stunning stage presence is a spectacle that demands to be seen up close and personal.

Tom Hyland uses his swinging guitar to infuse their dance floor ready compositions with a gypsy jazz edge. Patrick Wreford uses his intricate upright bass as a foundation for the jazz sensibilities, while using his bass synth to make the crowd bounce.

Rashad Gregory samples the the 1920s on his MPC, melding it with synths of every era, masterfully bridging the gap between old and new. Meanwhile, Marcus Copeland's spectacular drumming skills supply the band's electrifying rhythms.

Throughout their illustrious career, The Electric Swing Circus has delivered three remarkable albums that have pushed the boundaries of their genre. Their debut, "Electric Swing Circus," introduced the world to their eclectic sound, with the enchanting "Bella Belle" and “Valentine” catapulting them into the limelight. Their second album "It Flew By”, including genre defining hits like "Empires" and “Hit & Run” made them a global sensation.

Their latest release, “Pleasure Seekers" showcased their continued evolution as artists, with the album’s lead track, "Gravity," proving their ability to craft unforgettable melodies on top of pop dance bangers is still improving. Live favourite “Expectations” allowed them to flex their vintage musical talents into a timeless classic.

The band's live performances have become legendary, taking them to major festivals all over the world. Their electrifying presence on stage and infectious tunes have earned them a devoted global fanbase. The Electric Swing Circus continues to transcend boundaries, bringing the past and present together in a harmonious and danceable fusion that remains unmatched in the world of music: