VIENNA SCIENTISTS feat. Jürgen Drimal

VIENNA SCIENTISTS feat. DJ Jürgen Drimal

Visuals by OchoReSotto

DJ Jürgen Drimal (Vienna Scientists / Radio Superfly)

He is the man with the refined taste. He has an exceptional sense for picking out the gems from the vast ocean of musical history. Only someone who listens with the heart can do this. His heart beats for all forms of African-American sounds: Jazz, Soul, Funk, R&B, Disco, Brazil, and Latin.

For Jürgen Drimal, sticking to one genre has always been too mundane. Instead, he skillfully weaves threads between genres, creating a new cohesive whole. He dedicates his life to building musical bridges. In the '90s, he connected customers to records in his store. As a producer with Freedom Satellite and through his record label "Vienna Scientists Recordings," he introduced genres like Electronic Downbeat, TripHop, and Dub to a broad, global audience. These namesake compilations, which have achieved cult status, have influenced entire generations of artists. From Vienna, Drimal launched a DJ career, taking him to clubs in major cities like Miami, New York, and London, as well as to stages at numerous renowned festivals. Without being confined to any genre, he brings positive energy to the scenes. It must be sexy, it must have soul. Good vibes only!

Since 2012, Jürgen Drimal has been the music director responsible for the success of the Vienna radio station, founded 15 years ago, ensuring it stands out in the digital streaming world. A growing audience recognizes and values his talent for discovering outstanding sounds. Thanks to him, many new and unknown artists get the attention they deserve. With Drimal's curatorial expertise, "98.3 Superfly" receives a distinct and exclusive sound signature. This is also shaped by his own shows, "Easy Does It" and "In Heat", which were nominated in 2015 for the Austrian Radio Award in the "Best Music Show" category. For these shows, Drimal frequently delves into his archive, which contains more than 20,000 records. "There are two kinds of music," he says. "Good and bad. We play the good ones." With this belief and his passion for Soul and Disco, he has managed to bring these genres out of the niche in German-speaking regions.

Now, Jürgen Drimal is taking the next logical step, transforming his label "Vienna Scientists Recordings" to focus more on artist development and producing new tracks. He has already produced remixes for artists like Mousse T., Count Basic, and the Horny Funk Brothers. Drimal will continue to present more musical treasures to his audience – building even more bridges.

Visuals by OchoReSotto

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