In April 2019, Tokio Hotel are set to celebrate 15 years of performing on stage with a brand new show concept that will be a tribute to their fans around the world. Reflecting the band's fascinating career journey, the set will hold some huge surprises especially for longtime fans and will feature all new music of the upcoming 2019 album!

Ever evolving in their art, the band is in a constant process of reinvention and growth. Set to releasing their 6th studio album in 2019, the band’s unique legacy consists of international hits and a very personal journey through two musical decades. Together with their fans, the band will dive deep into all their songs, ranging from their 2005 debut up to the yet to be released 2019 brand new album. Singer Bill adds: “A magical experience in the last summer inspired us for the show concept - we will create a very special Tokio Hotel set list for our fans”.

Never abandoning their core principles of very personal songwriting and openness to new sound experiences, Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg never have taken the easy route of traditional bands. Instead, they have taken risks to pursue an unprecedented career. Not only in their music but also on a visual level Tokio Hotel dare to step over boundaries and be the exception. The quartet has become internationally known for extraordinary live productions and visual masterpieces as canvas for their fascinating soundscapes. Especially Bill is the creative force behind striking costumes, breathtaking stage sets and trippy light shows, always surprising and always bold.

Like their unorthodox career path; out of their small hometown Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg set out to become an international phenomenon named Tokio Hotel. Against all odds, they have received more than 110 international and national awards including the US MTV VMA Moonman, five European Music Awards, four MTV Latin Music Awards, and also the MTV Japan Music Award. More than 10 million records were sold worldwide, with platinum success in 68 countries – and half a million people even gathered at the Eiffel Tower to see Tokio Hotel's eccentric and stunning live show.

“I rarely look back but when I do I’m filled with joy and nostalgia. Looking forward, I feel melancholia just like I did when I was 13 years old sitting in my room, dreaming of the big stages of this world. In this new show we gonna do all of it. It’ll be a crazy ride.