Dire Straits Legacy is a continuation of one of the world's most beloved rock bands, Dire Straits [1] - minus former frontman Mark Knopfler[2]. While he continues his solo career, the likes of Marco Caviglia (lead guitar and vocal) together with John Illsley, Phil Palmer, Alan Clark, Mel Collins, Jack Sonni, Danny Cummings, Pick Withers and Chris White have performed [3] music together live all around the world.

Five members of this band recorded and toured as members of Dire Straits, and one of them, keyboardist Alan Clark was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a significant member of Dire Straits. Our bass player, Trevor Horn [4] also knows a thing or two about music; he is widely regarded as the world’s greatest record producer. Our guitarist, Phil Palmer who is regarded by his peers as one of the world’s greatest, played on Dire Straits’ On Every Street record and world tour and the On the Night live record, and features on hundreds of records of other major acts. Our percussion player, again one of the world’s best, Danny Cummings also played on Dire Straits’ On Every Street record and world tour and the On the Night live record, and has since worked extensively with Mark Knopfler, playing drums in his band for many years and percussion on his latest world tour. Our world renowned sax player, Mel Collins played on Dire Straits’ Love Over Gold, Alchemy and Twisting by the Pool records as well as touring for several years with Dire Straits, and over his long career has played on countless other major records, and he’s currently touring the world with reformed King Crimson. And who can forget Jack Sonni, Dire Straits’ “man in the red coat” dancing around the stage on the Brothers in Arms world tour and Live Aid concert? He’s with us too! Our frontman, Marco Caviglia is one of the world’s leading authorities on the music of Dire Straits and Mark Knopfler’s guitar style, and an accomplished and fine guitarist and frontman. And Primiano Di Biase is one of Italy’s most sought after keyboard players.

Dire Straits cannot exist without Mark! But this is the next best thing. You can all listen to the records, but the last time you’ll have heard the music of Dire Straits played live by the musicians who played on those records and tours, was back in 1992.

Dire Straits Legacy brings the music of Dire Straits played by musicians who made it, to fans who have been starved of hearing it for far too long.

Since its inception in 2008, the following 7 members of Dire Straits have joined this band: Dire Straits Hall of Fame members John Illsley, Alan Clark and Pick Withers, and Dire Straits Legends Phil Palmer, Mel Collins, Jack Sonni and Danny Cummings. And over the years we’ve attracted some superb musicians from other bands including Steve Ferrone from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, who is widely regarded as the world’s greatest rock drummer, and Trevor Horn who as well as being a great bass player is widely regarded as the world’s greatest record producer.

As you can imagine, this is one hell of a band! This is a supergroup, although the guys would never regard themselves as such.