By the early 70’s The Sweet were arguably the hottest ticket in town with a string of top
ten records in the UK & Europe including Blockbuster, Hellraiser, Ballroom Blitz,
Teenage Rampage and The Sixteens. In 1975 the USA had discovered the band with
"Fox on the Run" hitting the number 3 spot in the Billboard 100. Another self penned hit
"Action" followed in 1976 firmly establishing Sweet in the US charts. On the face of it
they were primarily a singles band however their albums, in particular Desolation
Boulevard (1975) & Give Us a Wink (1976) showed a much harder rocking band. The
album "Level Headed" was released in 1978 and brought with it another award winning
million selling worldwide hit with "Love is Like Oxygen" written by Andy Scott. However
in 1979 original lead singer Brian Connolly left the original line up leaving Andy Scott,
Steve Priest & Mick Tucker to continue as a 3 piece. Sadly both Brian Connolly & Mick
Tucker passed away in 1997 & 2002 respectively and with Steve Priest relocating to
the USA, Andy Scott was left to fly the flag. After a couple of line up changes over the
years, since 2006 the line up has been primarily unchanged from what it is today.
Andy Scott (lead Guitar/vocal) Bruce Bisland (Drums/Vocal) Peter Lincoln (Lead
vocal/Bass) Tony O’Hora (Keyboard, guitar/vocal).
Sweet still tour the world extensively with one of the most dynamic & slick live shows on
the circuit.
Sweet - 1968 to 2023 and counting....