Roger Hodgson has been recognized as one of the most gifted composers, songwriters and lyricists of our times. As the signature voice of Supertramp, he gave us Give a Little Bit, The Logical Song, Dreamer, Take the Long Way Home, Breakfast In America, School, Fools Overture and many others that have become the soundtrack for our lives.

Hodgson co-founded Supertramp, one of the greatest rock 'n' roll bands ever, in 1969 and was the heart and soul of the band for 14 years. When Roger left Supertramp, at the height of their success in 1983, he chose not to have a career for a while but to stay at home and focus on his family, live a quiet life in nature, and pursue on his spiritual values.

During the time that Hodgson led the band, Supertramp sold over 60 million albums. In Canada alone, sales for Crime of the Century and Breakfast in America reached Diamond status. One in every 20 Canadians owned both these albums.

Breakfast in America, sold over 18 million, was a top selling album worldwide in 1979.
Dreamer, recorded for Crime of the Century was Supertramp’s first hit song.

Although Roger shared writer’s credit with Rick Davies, from Indelibly Stamped onward, Roger and Rick wrote separately. They continued to share writer’s credits much like Lennon and McCartney did. Roger sings all the songs he wrote, and Rick sings the songs he wrote.

Hodgson is a multi talented musician, being a keyboardist, guitarist and pianist, as well a talented arranger and producer. Roger played a major role in producing all the Supertramp albums released during the ”Golden Years“ of the band (up to 1983 when he left).

The Supertramp Retrospectacle, an Anthology of Supertramp’s music from the start of the band through the 22 years after Roger left, was released in the fall of 2005. The Retrospectacle has sold over a million copies worldwide in less than a year.

Roger’s debut DVD
Take the Long Way Home, Live in Montreal, was released in Canada on August 28 2006 and went Platinum in only 7 weeks. The DVD was number one in Quebec for 3 months, went to number one in all of Canada and reached Double Platinum.

This double DVD includes a 75 minute solo concert, which was filmed live at Place des Artes in Montreal on June 6th. In addition to the concert, the DVD contains over 90 minutes of Bonus features with previously unreleased solo and orchestra performance footage, exclusive interviews, behind the scenes footage, film from sound check, fan interviews, photo gallery, songs clips from Roger’s repertoire and a lot more.