Rhonda Ross has a powerful message to share: “YOU get to control how YOU feel!” And she writes, sings and teaches it every chance she gets.

As the only child between Diana Ross and Motown Founder, Berry Gordy, Rhonda is quick to acknowledge the privilege she was born into, yet partly as a result of comparing herself to the world-changing brilliance of her parents, she painfully struggled with feeling good about her own radiance.

It took Rhonda years of study to harness her thoughts and finally build tools like SONGTRA™ which merges her expertise in personal development with her love and mastery of music and performance to help her transform her negative self-talk and access her own personal power to feel fulfilled.

Now, as an Emmy-nominated actress, Grammy-nominated songwriter, Motivational Singer, Thought Power Practitioner, and the Founder of Happy Toolbox self-empowerment courses, Rhonda empowers concert-goers with original songs like: “Nobody’s Business” – a groovy, bass-led reminder that it’s nobody else’s job to make you happy,” and enlightens entrepreneurs and corporate executives with empowerment programs that transform their limiting beliefs.

Rhonda takes her unique genre of “motivational singing” across the globe, headlining one of President Obama’s 2nd Inaugural Balls, and performing to rave reviews at The Hollywood Bowl, The Montreal Jazz Festival, Noches del Botanico in Madrid, Juneau Jazz & Classics, Wolf Trap, Radio City Music Hall, as well as The Theater at Madison Square Garden.

Whether speaking,writing, teaching or singing, Rhonda’s transformational message flows straight from her essence to yours, showcasing that she not only has the talent, but the significance to carry on her parents’ legacy, all while establishing her own unique magnificence.