Towards the end of the eighties Paul Zauner had the opportunity to play at various concerts and tours with important jazz musicans such as L. Thomas, G.Adams, D. Murray, H.Bluiett as well as record CD's.Collaboration like Bumi Fian, J. Smietana and W.Schabata. At the beginning of the 90's a collaboration between Jean Paul Bourelly. The most lasting the collaboration between PZ and the Harry Pepl. In 1992 Paul Zauner and Franz Hackl founded their first band called ITSLYF. In which Franz Hackl (musical director), Thomas Kugi, Gottfried Stöger, David Gilmore, Kenny Davis, Rodney Holmes and Pavan Kumar and others played from 92-97. Tours to Asia, Africa, North and South America and great European festivals. The CD "Hep Caolin" (PAO/VERVE) was admitted to the "Guide of Jazz and Blues" as one of the best CD's of the century and appraised with 5 stars.