“Kaas chante" is Patricia Kaas’ new project, focusing on 21 of the great Edith Piaf’s iconic titles. This show, commemorating 50 years since the death of Piaf, will open at Royal Albert Hall in London, Carnegie Hall in New-York, etc.

With innovative stage design, this unique show aims to be above all contemporary and urban. Unedited, extraordinary, never seen images of Piaf will be the centerpiece of this unique event.

Although designed primarily as a live show, “Kaas chante Piaf“ will also be released as an album. Revisiting the greatest hits of Edith Piaf, this album is central to Patricia Kaas’ tribute to the great French singer. This major album, which will commemorate 50 years since the death of Edith Piaf. Some of the most evocative titles will be remixed by young French electro artists.