Nazareth rose from playing the pubs, clubs and dance halls of their native Scotland to become one of the most successful rock bands in the world.

They were pioneers who took Scottish rock international paving the way for the many other great Scottish bands like Simple Minds, Texas, Big Country, Del Amitri, etc.

The original four members first came together in Pete Agnew’s band “The Shadettes” in 1968, changed the name to ‘Nazareth’ in 1970 and from then went on to record a string of hits worldwide.

Having recently released their 25th studio album (Surviving The Law) the band have been creating new music since the early 70’s right up to the present day and their repertoire features hits spanning five decades.

Songs like ‘Broken Down Angel’ - ‘Bad Bad Boy’ - ‘Turn On Your Receiver’ - ‘My White Bicycle’ all made their mark on the world charts alongside the mega hits ‘Dream On’ - ‘This Flight Tonight’ - ‘Hair Of The Dog’ and the one and only

‘Love Hurts’.

Not only have the band gained a massive following of fans, a number of great artists claim that Nazareth had a big influence on them with some even recording Nazareth songs.

(Guns N’ Roses with ‘Hair Of The Dog’ and Metallica with ‘Please Don’t Judas Me’)

But although gratefully acknowledging the accolades for their recorded work, Nazareth attribute their success mainly to touring, touring and more touring and are still touring with no intentions of ever stopping.