“These days I try to leave the office at more reasonable hours, so
I could get to work on time,” he says jokingly when asked about balancing
music and work.
Whether rushing home from school or work, the shy, soft-spoken Trinidadian-born
songwriter/musician admits that he has always had this immense passion for music.
Jamaica, early morning piano classes (Thanks Mom!) and growing up as a minister’s
kid surrounded by a family of musicians are the things he attributes to the foundation of
his musical journey. Naturally, Nathanael found himself involved with church bands and
youth choirs in his early childhood.
This childhood love would see him, in years to come, accompany the likes of Sherwin
Gardner & Positive as a lead keyboardist in both their bands in his initial career.
2012 was a game changer, when he stepped out from behind the keyboards and made
his way towards the microphone, releasing his first single “Keep I.” This song
established what the region has come to know and love as Nathanael’s signature sound
– a unique blend of popular urban R&B and Caribbean music; matched with lyrics that
are all too real!
In March 2018, Nathanael released two albums which featured a number of well
received compositions – namely “Dance Like My Daddy” and recent favourites
“Testimony” off of the ‘Chances’ album. Additionally, no wedding is complete
without a rendition of the popular single “For Better or Worse” off of the ‘For Better
Or Worse’ album.
The “Chances” album, one of the two debut double releases, charted at #1 on iTunes
for Trinidad and Tobago within its first week digitally. Both projects have gained
remarkable reach in the regional market.
Get this, the keyboardist/singer/songwriter, is also a Fisherman. Nathanael is an
accomplished producer and founder of Fisherman Project, a song-writing/production
company led by himself and younger brother, Daniel. To date, they have worked on a
number of projects regionally, with artistes such as John Yarde, Positive, Sherwin
Gardner, Marc Isaacs to name a few.
Fisherman Project was established to impact the music community across the board
and as a result, has extended their reach beyond the gospel community, contributing to
some inspirational and classic pieces, namely Machel Montano & Boyz II Men’s “Can’t
Let Go” – Voice’s 2016 International Soca Monarch winning “Far From Finished” and
(2019) “Smile.”
To date, Fisherman Project has won two back-to-back Producer of the Year awards at
the annual Gospel Music Awards of Trinidad and Tobago (GMATT) 2018 & 2019. At
2019’s ceremony, Nathanael also walked away with awards for “Album of the Year”
”Songwriter of the Year” and “Collaboration of the Year.”
More recently, in January 2021, his released is third album: ‘Szns Change’ which
featured tracks such as “Giants Fall” “Stay Right Here” and the good vibe record
“Thank You” in collaboration with Jaron Nurse that have already become household
favourites in the gospel community – both regionally and internationally.
2021 also saw Nathanael cop another award at the just concluded Gospel Music
Awards Trinidad and Tobago – a “Resilience Award” for his work and contributions in
the year 2020. Resilience… the driving theme that just about sums up Nathanael’s
plans for the future.
The multi-talented islander says that he intends to continue working to take his
messages of faith, hope and love even further so that he can reach his generation and
leave a lasting impression on the lives of generations to come.