Kebu (alias Sebastian Teir) from Finland is a bright comet in the world of synthesizer music, who was awarded "Best Artist 2017" in the German Schallwelle Music Awards. Kebu is best known for his YouTube channel, which has attracted over 40 million views and fans from all around the globe.
Kebu’s concerts are surrounded by warmth and joy, as well as a huge arsenal of analogue synths, which brings to mind the best solo synthesizer artists from the 1970's and 1980's. Kebu's album Perplexagon (2016) debuted as number 6 on the Finnish album charts and was nominated for "Best International Album" in the German Schallwelle Music Awards. While Kebu is best known among synthesizer enthusiasts, also others are beginning to notice his talents. In 2017, Kebu was commissioned by his birth town, Kristinestad, for doing a special composition celebrating Finland's 100th birthday. The resulting 18‐minute long piece for synthesizers and a 100‐person large choir had its premiere at Finland's independence day celebrations in front of a packed concert hall. Kebu was invited to give a concert at the 8th edition of the Film Music Prague Festival. There he also participated in another concert dedicated to the film music of Ridley Scott. Following the release of his album, Kebu has toured Europe and given over 70 concerts in twelve different countries. The concert in Oslo was recorded for a two‐hour long live album (CD & DVD), which was released by ZYX Music in May 2019.