Started in the 80’s, Zouk music was created and popularized by the band KASSAV’. Zouk is still the french musical expression that is spread the most around the world since 30 years! Kassav’ filled the most of Zenith of Paris: more than 40 concerts at Le Zenith and at Bercy. It’s also the first french group that filled the French Stadium!

Several millions of albums were sold everywhere in the world since their creation in 1979. Between 2009 and 2015, more than 400 concerts, around 2 000 000 peoples came to see the band on stage these last years.

With the conquest of a large and loyal public, creators of music Zouk are the pride and consideration of Caribbean music and its musicians, in the Caribbean as in France, where many young people away from the island of their parents can finally identify themselves to a group, a culture. The hurricane KASSAV’ on the Caribbean, is both, the glamor from Elvis Presley, Beatles's tubes and Bob Dylan's texts.