After a sabbatical pause and a retourn to its roots, Kaoma, composed of two pillars of the group, Chyco Dru and Jacky Arconte got back together at the end of 2006 for the pleasure of their die hard fans of this energetic and festive music. With the meeting of Etna Brasyl, the new singer of the group, a revolutionary fusion of musical horizons came about and they decided to go back on the international road and to revive and share the happiness with their fans through the magic of their concerts. The group now consists of five artists combing vocalists, musicians and dancers.In 2011 Jennifer Lopez (featuring Pitbull) takes in techno-dance version of the Lambada melody in his song "On the floor."Chyco Dru, from Martinque , is a rasta man with overwhelming energy as a songwriter, bass player, he played with Toure Kunda and several other artists from around the world. Despite his reknown he remains humble and efficient. Jacky Arconte, the composer, and extraordinary guitar player from Guadeloupe, was born into a family of musicians for whom he does honor as both a studio musician, composer and concert performer. He has worked with Toure Kunda, Kassav, Café Crème, Gibson Brothers. Boney M and many other artists who opened his musical horizons to the world beat. Etna Brasyl, a jewel from Brazil who is a lyricist and singer. She has worked with English and French-speaking artists. Her musical universe is a cocktail of Soul and Gospel, Latino and Brazilian. She has a soft, velvety voice that floats like a dragon fly over the melodies. Gini is a young dancer who first discovered mixed dance through traditional teaching. Then she started to dance modern jazz and hip hop, she discovered the Latin dances and started a passion for Brazilian dance. Throughout her experiences, she performed on stage particularly in Cameroon, Reunion and participated in several projects, including Copacabana movie, Marc Fitoussi. Rodrigo de Oliveira Brazilian footballer capoeiristas, dancer, musician. A father footballer, a mother dancer and a youth on the roads of Brazil at the option of music tours and competitions: Bahia, Rio, Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais. An explosive fusion of samba, reggae, funk, soul-pop.