KHANAKAH HARMONY, his name meaning warm in Amharic and togetherness and unity, has a voice so smooth and soothing that his singing always sounds as if one is listening to a mixed and mastered CD. Inspired by nature and the vibes of those around his environment, Harmony’s lyrics are inspirational, truthful and real.

Beginning his musical journey as a youth singing in his local church choirs, Harmony’s first professional musical recording came three years ago when he first voiced and had 45’s pressed. He has since recorded several more songs, including a track entitled “Crime Continual” on Loyal Soldiers’ very popular “Lava Ground” rhythm. Most recently, he voiced a collaboration with a internationally recognized artist, I-Wayne, entitled Keep Burning Rome, featured on the artist’s soon to be released album, Lava Ground (Loyal Soldiers & VP Records.)

Harmony sees his name to mean the unity of the people, similar to the fingers of the hand folding together to make a fist. A finger alone is a weakness. A fist, he says, can do much more. He sees his purpose of his music to remind the people of their strength within and to help to guide him through the ever-confusing maze of society and the challenges we all face on a daily basis.

Now working with the strong new label, Rootical Records and

BNM Records based in UK and Jamaica, look out for Harmony’s newly released singles, “Make a Life” on Rootical’s Grassroots Rhythm and “Protect the Children” on BNM’s Texas Ranger Project.

Singer Khanakah Harmony's personal experiences led him to pen the song Better to Make a Life (Grass roots rhythm), which has been enjoying some steady rotation on the radio in recent times. He said the song was inspired by the birth of his son. "It's better to make a life than to take a life.

The song is talking to people who take other people's lives. The birth of my son inspired me to put the lyrics together. Most of my songs are inspired by personal experiences", Harmony said in a recent interview.

Khanaka Harmony's real name is Sheldon Facey. At 29 years of age, the Rootical Music/BNM Records recording artiste already has a resume he can be proud of. He had a guest shot on I-Wayne's Lava Ground album on Keep Burning Rome. He also recorded on the popular Lava Ground rhythm, produced by the Loyal Soldiers camp, with the track, Crime Continual. "That song did well for me in Trinidad. The feedback I have been getting has been really positive. It's a lot of work and I am grateful for the way things are shaping up", said Harmony. His name, he says, means warm in Amharic. His lyrics are inspirational and real. His musical journey began as a youth singing in local church choirs. His first professional recording came three years ago with I'm Just Burning a Fire for producer Daddy Vic. The Portmore-based singer says the purpose of his music is to remind the people of their strength within and to help to guide them through the ever-confusing maze of society.

Harmony's latest singles include Protect the Children for BNM Records, Push it All the Way and Things Set a Way.