Reggae singer/songwriter Jamiel Foster was born in Portmore, Jamaica in 1992. He immediately took to music as a youth, performing and writing original songs by the time he was 12, and working toward a full-time life in music by his teenage years.

Early on he went under the moniker Culture Jamiel, but then switched his performance name to simply Jahmiel as he further refined his musical style. Finding a decidedly pop hybrid of reggae and dancehall elements, Jahmiel's first breakthrough track came with 2014's "Long Distance Love."

Over the next several years, more successful singles followed, including the internationally acclaimed "Gain the World" in 2015, "Years to Come" in 2016, and "Strongest Soldier" in 2017. Jahmiel toured internationally in support of these singles and continued work on new music as his fan base grew.