Hermes House Band with hits like "Country Roads", "I will survive", "Life Is Live","Rhythm of the Night" and Lou Bega with his world hit "Mambo No.5" and further hits like "I got a girl", "Sweet like Cola" und "Give it Up" in one big show.
So many mega hits, so much power, so much party!
The Hermes House Band or Lou Bega already stand for plenty of hits and jolly atmosphere when they perform their own shows but both acts together will turn your event to a party!
Book an extraordinary show your guests will be talking about for a long time!
Hermes House Band and Lou Bega met in summer 2014 during the recording of a TV show in Fuerteventura. They became friends and decided to record a song together for the wintertime and Après-Ski parties. With joint forces they presented a brand-new song: "Snowgirl" – an original song written by HHB producer Gerd Lehmkuhl. You can hear the Latin sound of Lou Bega and the party-vibe of the Hermes House Band. The artists had a lot of fun together during the recording and photoshoot.
TV shows in German TV and grand live events followed.
But the winter wasn't enough for them and so they worked on a combined live show. And the reactions are fantastic! Togehter the Hermes House Band & Lou Bega perform a great 90min. live show with band!
During the last years Hermes House Band has become Europe’s #1 party band, with over 8 million records sold in more than 25 countries.
It all began in Rotterdam when a group of students decided to form a band. They played their first gig in their student fraternity “Hermes”. It marked the birth of the “Hermes House Band” and the beginning of an incredible journey…
The band performs all year round, entertaining masses all over the world. Their singles “I will survive”, “Country Roads”, “Live is life” and “Rhythm of the Night” have reached the highest chart positions in numerous countries.

Lou Bega – World-star and King of Mambo!
53 million sold CDs are an incredible aim on present days which Lou Bega could achieve within the last years. 6 million singles, 7 million albums and 40 million compilations, additionally songs in movies and TV series as well as several advertising spots.
In 1999 the Mambo fever which broke out in Germany arrived in more than 20 countries worldwide. With his debut album “A Little Bit of Mambo” Lou Bega entered the top positions of the charts world-wide. In USA the successful album
reaches #3 of the Billboard album charts and was sold more than 3.5 million times!