Formed in London, UK, Heatwave are a funk/disco group who came into international success in the mid-70s and 80s, known for the hits, “Boogie Nights,” “Always and Forever” and “The Groove Line.” The band came together initially when Germany based active serving American serviceman, Johnnie Wilder, formed his band ‘Johnnie Wilder's Chicago Heatwave’.

Rod Temperton answered an advert and flew to Germany to join the band. Johnnie then invited his brother, Keith, to fly over to Germany and join the band. Johnnie Wilder, Keith WIlder, Ernest "Bilbo" Berger, Erick Johns. Mario Mantese and Rod Temperton moved to London in 1975 and shortened the name to the now recognisable, HEATWAVE.

With songwriter/keyboardist, Rod Temperton, Heatwave managed to create an eclectic sound that pushed their music well ahead of their peers, becoming pioneers in their genre. They soon gained the attention of GTO Records, with their simple disco beats and heavy funk grooves. They began recording their debut album but with the loss of Jesse Whitens, they found a replacement in Roy Carter and began recording again, releasing a string of singles culminating in the hit disco anthem, 1977’s “Boogie Nights.” The song hit number two in the UK charts and also became a top five hit in America. Their debut album appeared later that year, titled “Too Hot to Handle” peaking at number five in the R&B charts. By the end of the year, they had also gained a number two hit in the US with their soul ballad, “Always and Forever.”

Heatwave continue to tour with some old and some new members and are still a welcome sound to hear with their evergreen soul anthems like Boogie Nights, Always and Forever, Groove Line and many more, keeping the Heatwave legacy going strong!