“Hannah Weiss has this charisma of being ‘artistically unconditional’. Great singers know about the special meaning of the moments when the music pauses. It is often more intuition than calculation, a talent similar to that ability to leave a phrasing in a shimmering blurring,
thus a design idea becomes a story. Hannah Weiss can exactly do that."
(Ralf Dombrowski, Süddeutsche Zeitung)

The Munich based quintet of Swiss-born Hannah Weiss transcends easily between jazz, pop and electronic sounds. Her warm voice is melodious and sensitive between jazz chords, synthesizers and modern instruments, combining quite uniquely a creamy-soft timbre and impressive power, easily jumping and changing in between, forming music with gripping intensity.

After receiving the BMW Welt Young Artist Jazz Award in 2019 and being signed to the famous Jazz-label Enja she is set for broad success, hitting the ground running …! Her first EP is due for release in December 2020 while the full album is set for a spring release next year.

Web: http://hannah-weiss.de