He was born in the midst of many flamenco guitarists: his father, who was also known as Tomate, his grandfather Miguel Tomate and his uncle, the legendary tocaor (flamenco guitarist) Niño Miguel. He accompanied Camarón de la Isla during the last eighteen years of his life, as well as other great cantaores like Enrique Morente, La Susi, Vicente Soto, José Menese, Pansequito and a very long etcetera. At first, he followed the tradition of Paco de Lucía, but as time passed he started to develop his own style and achieved a great success at an international level.

His musical career began in Málaga in tablaos like the Taberna Gitana, where Camarón de la Isla saw him playing and did not hesitate call on him when he split up, artistically speaking, from Ramón de Algeciras. Tomatito was twenty years old when they recorded La leyenda del tiempo, and he remained loyal to Camarón until his death, after which he started an unstoppable career as a concert guitarist. Since then, he has performed alongside artists like Elton John and Frank Sinatra, he has given jazz-flamenco concerts with the accompaniment of the pianos of Chano Domínguez and Michel Camino, he recorded the Spanish version of the song Woman with the singer Neneh Cherry, he took part in films like The devil's advocate, featuring Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves, and Flamenco by Carlos Saura.