The Motown backbeat was the Holy Grail of 1960's pop music. At the heart of it was Jack Ashford’s’ tambourine. Such a little thing, yet so earth-shaking in its impact, Jack's tambourine was one of the dominant forces that gave Motown Records the “The Motown Sound”. Funk Brother Jack Ashford is a celebrated Motown musician who recorded on mostly all the hits released in the 1960's and early 1970's for such legendary performers as Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Diana Ross and The Supremes, Jr. Walker, Marvin Gaye and many, many, more. He played with a group of musicians known as "The Funk Brothers". They put the backbeat, and the soul into the hits of Motown Records. These musicians helped to define the era of the sixties, and their recorded music remains a vital influence to this day. Jack's tambourine and vibes were dominant instruments that gave Motown Records its distinguishable "Motown Sound". He has recorded for a long list of artists, all over the world, for more than four decades. Currently, Funk Brother Jack Ashford is touring internationally and in the United States with a full 13-piece band. This sensational stellar band consists of top quality musicians and vocalists who capture the very same sound heard on past Motown recordings. This "All Star" cast of entertainers have impressive resumes of their own stretching from Motown to Stax, to Warner Brothers, RCA, Universal, Las Vegas, and to all four corners of the music world. They deliver the "Legendary Original Motown Sound" The documentary entitled "Standing in the Shadows of Motown", features Jack and the Funk Brothers telling their story with exclusive interviews and archival footage, and with new performances of previous hit recorded songs. The newest documentary featuring Jack entitled "Mr. Tambourine Man" is in production. Look and listen for Jack on BET, PBS radio and TV capturing hearts as he vividly recreates Motown history. Jack is the recipient of two Grammy Awards, a Lifetime Achievement Award and several gold records. His book,” Motown: A View From The Bottom”, provides a wonderful and detailed view of the events of his life and times at Motown. Enthusiastic audiences around the world experience the Motown energy and authenticity of the music with Funk Brother Jack Ashford and his band's delivery. They produce the same sound and same arrangements as the original records thereby providing "The Legendary Original Motown Sound". Every two minutes, somewhere in the world a Motown recording is being played.