Ghetto Kumbé is the meeting in Bogotá of 3 great Colombian musicians from the
Caribbean coast: Edgardo “Guajiro” Garcés, Andrés “DocKey” Mercado y Juan Carlos
“Chongo” Puello. Before creating Ghetto Kumbé in 2015 the 3 musicians played for
years on tour with bands like the legendary fusion band Sidestepper or the Salsa band
La 33.
GK, combo of wizards’ singers and percussionists calling the public all around the world
to join their digital rumba. Their transcendent ritual is made with a powerful base of
percussions, Caribbean house beats and traditional afro Colombian rhythms inspired
from west Africa.
Inspired by the different revolutionary movements emerging all over the world, Ghetto
Kumbé will released their first full-length album co-produced by The Busy Twist, on
pioneering Latin American electronic label ZZK Records. Their self-titled debut is visceral,
committed, and rebellious, denouncing through frantic rhythms the inequalities and
abuses imposed by corrupt governments, while simultaneously enticing listeners to join in
the fight. Dance mingles with awareness to create a global community, where family,
friends, and strangers come together through our shared love of music and activate
change amongst themselves.
Using musical motifs from Africa and Colombia’s Caribbean coast such as the Gaita,
call-and-response vocals, and an array of hand drums and rhythms, coupled with the
elegant electronic production of Tech/House, Ghetto Kumbé creates an Afro-futurist
soundscape with lyrics to motivate, elevate, and inspire. Their first single to come out,
‘Vamo a Dale Duro’, is a fluorescent criticism of the unjust divide between the poor and
the rich, the rising prominence of dirty politicians, and the ethics of the capitalist system
while encouraging people to stand up and fight for a dignified existence. The album’s
tone fluctuates fluidly between tracks that include ancestral chants, voices both deep
and resounding, and anthems to uplift and inspire, as well as features by up-andcoming Réunion island artist Mélanie Bourire and the Palenque-based folk/hip-hop
band Kombilesa Mi.
The other strength of GHETTO KUMBÉ is definitely the live.
With a very strong visual concept, Afrofuturistic fluo mascs and a super power trio, the
band knew an immediate success in the local and international scene.
In 4 years Ghetto Kumbé has made 6 tours in all Europe passing be the biggest festivals
and numerous venues as: Glastonbury/UK, Roskilde/DK, Eurockéennes de Belfort et les
Transmusicales de Rennes/FR, Ozora Fest/HU, Etno Sur/ES, Fusion Fest/GE, Paleo/CH and
much more. (full list below)
In the American continent, Ghetto Kumbé is becoming one of the most important band
from the alternative Colombian scene. The star band RADIOHEAD even choose them to
play at their concert during the Soudnhearts Tour. The live experience also brings them
to Mexico, Panama and Ecuador.
2020, was going to be the year to enter the USA with the firsts shows at SXSW in Austin to
play 4 concerts included the Opening Party on March 17th and the Radio Stage on
March 18th… that will be for next time.
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