The young talented , but still unkown singer , was dis-covered within a famous song competition in Italy. A German producer saw the temperamental singer , who had already had concerts with his own band and invited him to stay two weeks in Germany for several concerts.. In result , Francesco Napoli extended the tour for more than 30 years in Germany , Europe and all over the world. Successfully !!

His greatest hit BALLA BALLA ( 1987) was sold over 12 million times in 44 countries !!!

The song was even catapulted into the American Bill-board Charts in the Top 5 , at the same time as Mi-chael Jackson, Madonna and other famous Megastars. That was his musical breakthrough ...... a further new Superstar of the 80’s was born. He received numerous gold and platinum records and awards.He had further Top Ten Hits with LADY FANTA-SY, BALLA BALLA II , MARINA MARINA especi-ally in Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic and Hungary. And moreover South- and Northamerica. PETER COLUMBUS , the producer of his first suc-cess and greatest hit and later the unforgettable HAN-NE HALLER made a producing contract with him. Francesco Napoli himself also became popular as a composer , textwriter and moreover producer of his own songs. Nearly all his greatest hits were written by the artist himself as PIANO PIANO, DUE ANGELI, NOTTE CHIARA LADY FANTASY, just a little selec-tion of his songs. All famous TV channel and shows requested Fran-cesco Napoli and of course he was part of the first and greatest italian night in the DORTMUND WESTFA-LENHALLE, one of the biggest arenas of this time with more than 70000 people inside watching this spectacle broadcastet live on the main German TV channel (ZDF). In Poland he became a superstar and icon, started in one of the most famous polish festivals in Sopot ( Gdansk) . The importance of this event is actually comparable to the EUROVISION SONG CONTEST, in which he also took part in Germany later on, It was broadcast live to all eastern countries including Russia, with millions of people watching the new superstar. Since that time, his popularity increa-sed unimaginably.

Until today, he hasn’t lost his energy, power, phantasie and magic on stage. On the contrary!! The famous POLO DISCO FESTIVAL in Ostroda was 2014 one highlight of the year and a kind of So-pot revival. Within this Liveshow, he was honoured for his artistical career during more than 30 years and also as an idol for many other artists and moreover his success and popularity. Aproximately 20 million people watched him and celebrated the artist live on television.His songs (QUESTA NOTTE) were also part of suc-cessful cinema films like GO TRABBI GO or the most famous crime series SCHIMANSKI. This already stands testimony to the status of this italian popmusic singer in Germany.An emotional pop ballad with the international world star GEORG MCGRAE ( „ Rock your Baby“)followed quickly. I LOVE HER was a common project of two unique voices . His first album produced exclusively by himself ESIS-TERE- LE MIE EMOZIONI , was a new remarkable step and a new refreshing way to present himself again as a producer, singer, composer and textwriter. AME-RICANO ( Air Play Charts) and two duets : BACIA-MI ( Latinodance ) also established in discocharts and still very popular and listed in radio all over Europe and even America and COME HO FATTO ( Popdan-ce), also placed in airplaycharts and presented mainly in Romanian television. This album is a demonstra-tion of the power, the feelings and also the beat of his music in a very impressive way – power and emotion , no contradiction at all.

The new songs were a further input for the „ Frances-comania“ . A tour to AUSTRALIA and especially four concerts in Sydney followed in addition and moreover a lot of Liveconcerts in Europe , TV Shows and inter-national well. Special spectacles were organized in famous opera houses, lake festival stages like Vienna/ Mörbisch , the modern philharmonia in Gorzow or the traditio-nal theatre of Katowice or the historical Sala Palatului / Bucarest – just to mention a small selection of spe-cial events . A great pleasure for this extraordinary artist and his uncomparable voice.

He even inspired the classical music world to present his popular songs in a kind of classical arrangement, impressively performed by himself in a concert with the WARSAW SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA .The first international , very special and modern Christmas Song CHRISTMAS & LOVE . Again pro-duced and recorded with his new musically discovery and duet singer LAURA DEL CONTE, was released and immediately listed in American and Canadian , Austrian and also German radios. Composition, mu-sic and lyric realized by himself, the English songtext was written by Laura . A big success in the English speaking radioworld and domaine and a surprise for the international fans all over the world.After this new production, the youngstar musical ar-rangers of the Firstline Studios in Germany created with him in partnership the new popular song SARA SARA, which was very soon focus of TV editors and music agencies.Big and famous producers all over Europe are interes-ted in working with this charismatic singer. Actually BOGDAN TOMMO ( TOMMO PRODUCTION) , one of the most important producers in Bucarest and responsible for a lot of famous and very popular hits in the Romanian music scene and even foreign countries. He recorded in his famous studio the Dan-ce-Popsong TE AMARE ! With Francesco Napoli, the freshly elected „AMBASSADOR OF MAMAIA RESORT in the MAMAIA MUSIC AWARDS FESTI-VAL . An official high class video was created and pro-duced in addition. Actually the song is establishing as a new hit and ri-sing comet-like in the popular videoplatforms and radiostations.More projects, concerts and surprises will be prepa-red for all the fans european- and worldwide. Francesco Napoli is a magnet of the audiance and also favorite in every concert . He casts a spell on ever-yone, not only because of his enourmes professional experience, but moreover because of his charisma and unparalleled stage presence. „The Voice“ is not only a musician, but also an entertainer. He loves his audiance!