Floyd Reloaded -The Pink Floyd Experience of 2018
Pink Floyd are one of the most commercially successful and influential groups in popular music history. With their legendary Live shows over five decades, their innovation with music, light and show, they set the standards for generations of rock bands to come. However since the band stopped touring in the 90s, Pink Floyd remains only in the memories of those lucky enough to see have them.
But the desire to relive the Pink Floyd experience still grows from a new generation of Fans. Floyd Reloaded have made it their mission to make this possible and keep the dream alive.Their successful Arena Tour playing Germanys biggest stadiums, followed by International Open Air Concerts, resulted in Floyd Reloaded winning the prestigious Radio Regenbogen Award for Best Show 2013.
Since then, they have toured Europe building a solid Fan Base at every concert. Through their dedication and respect to honouring this incredibly moving music, combined with state of the art technology, with light and sound, even hardened Pink Floyd Fans, acknowledge The Floyd Reloaded Show experience as being the closest one can get to reliving the golden era of Pink Floyd.However the music of Pink Floyd can, just as well, be appreciated in Concert Halls and Clubs as well as in Arenas.
For this, Floyd Reloaded have the developed three distinct show size productions, without losing any of the grandeur of the bigger shows. With this in mind, and great attention to detail, the Club production has been celebrated by their Fan base, as a welcome alternative, and made the Show far more accessable. A typical Floyd Reloaded Show takes one on a musical journey of all the senses. Chosen carefully from five decades of legendary music (including „The Dark Side Of The Moon“, „Animals“, „The Wall“, „Wish You Were Here“ etc), the impressive setlist can be customised for the needs and requirements of any Venue.
Philip Michael Klenz interprets David Gilmour guitar-solos with incredible feeling and excitement. The charismatic frontman from North England, Colin Dodsworth, ensures authentic vocals. Thorsten “Q”, composer and keyboard player from „Tangerine Dream“, occupies the position on keyboards. Chris Umbach on bass and Thomas Wimmer on drums provide the power house rhythm section of the band. Experienced session musician Achim Jankowski plays saxophone. The line up is completed with virtuose background and lead vocals from Margit Garbrecht.