Out in the boondocks on a mountain, Lower Austria's probably most vibrant and bubbly sound laboratory is growing and pulsating more than ever. Chief Magician Monsieur Knabberdub (already on Tour as support for AC/DC, The Prodigy, Volbeat, and many more) stirs his magic pots without fear of adding varieties of ingredients like completely independent beats and sound collages with a taste of Dub, TripHop, HipHop, Electronic, Reggae, Big Beats, Chill Out but also Stoner and Post Rock.

With Sabina Thompson, he has an outstanding singer, songwriter and musician at his side, giving the songs soul, deepness, variety and magic.
None other than Lee "Scratch" Perry (Bob Marley Producer, Dub Pioneer - if not inventor - and Grammy Winner) declared himself a big fan of them two and produced their song "No Mud No Lotus" shortly before his death.

The “Tribe Am Reisen” Tour 2022 brought this magical travel party already as headliner on the stage of the Afrika Tage Wien (including Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley, Groundation, etc.), together with Gentleman at the Hill Vibes Reggae Festival, and Shows in Austria, Greece and Germany.

The Tribe is well known for their highly intense, catchy and danceable Live Shows. A mix of backboned attitude, colourful Soundwalls and highly emotional Goosebump-Moments.

Radio Stations and TV Shows in Austria, Germany, US, UK, Spain, France, Switzerland, parts of Africa and South America, as well as Scandinavia, are pushing the auditory outcome of the Tribe through the airwaves.

Under the umbrella of the in-house label Log A Fire Records, uncompromising DIY highest grade unique sound is built here for love and life, for the moment and for eternity. Intuitive and uncompromising passionate.