The name Deladap means "Give me the beat" – and its name perfectly fits the ambitions of this Electro-Swing spur-heads founded by Prague-born producer and MC Stani Vana in Vienna.

Vana and DELADAP have constructed a richly-detailed, widely varied soundscape. It is soulful and sophisticated, yet uplifting and reflective throughout.
Crazy Swing & Dirty Jazz at its best – imagine Balkan-rooted Electro Swing fused with Funk-Pop dancin’ the night away ….
Their inspiring, danceable, life-affirming and catchy 21st-century fusion funk swing jazz connects any audiences both geographically and musically across borders.
And gets strangers to dance together right away: an extraordinary live experience for a broad and cosmopolitan audience.

Now in 2019, celebrating their 15th anniversary, they will rock the Danube Island with their brand-new single “Music Has The Power” - creating an irresistible urge to party, dance and enjoy: Life is beautiful. Music is beautiful. Dancing is beautiful.
All together now: Come on!