The best music comes from the heart and speaks directly to the soul of its listeners - and an artist is one who is blessed enough to show normal, every day situations in a vivid and life enriching light. The most beautiful tales come from those who remain true to their own philosophies, who tread their own paths following their hearts. COSHIVA is an extraordinary name for an extraordinary artist.

The Salzburg born singer-songwriter began playing piano aged six and has fascinated growing audiences since with her positive vibes and uplifting music. Creating delightful textures and sonic palates, the multi-instrumentalist blends piano with guitar, mandolin and ukulele to create her iconic joyful sound. The actual name “Coshiva” is a creation of her own to denote the sense of light-heartedness and positivity that lies at the very heart of her sound.

Coshiva previously studied multimedia arts, but soon realised that her passions and future lay with pursuing music.

2003 saw her critically acclaimed debut release “A Thousand Miles Away”, which featured the radio hit “Leaving Today”, followed by a successful second album “Butterfly”, released in 2008. Despite receiving commercial success, Coshiva sidestepped convention and rejected offers of a major-label deal – retaining creative control and direction over her music entirely. While only recently adopting the support of a major-label, Coshiva remains a fine example of “home-grown” success – a testament to what excellent, honest music, made for the right reasons can achieve – without vast exposure or mass marketing campaigns.

In 2012 work began on the new Sandi Strmlian produced Coshiva album in Hamburg, delivering an immediate, alternative summer hit “Sunday Afternoon (We Are Sailing)” upon release. The album retained her now ‘trademark’ light and joyous sound, combining the multi-instrumentalists blend of delicate, often fragile vocals with natural ‘hand-made’ instrumental timbres. Not being one who needs to shout to be heard, Coshiva’s melodic singer-songwriter pop touches international audiences with ease.

Coshiva now begins 2013 with a follow-up to the success of “Sunday Afternoon (We Are Sailing)” with all new life-affirming sounds. On 31 December 2012, at the Viennese New Year Eve’s trail, she presented her latest single “Soak up the Fun” in front of thousands of fans. Launching into the New Year in the most positive way, the joyous song encourages everyone to embrace life and ride out the cold winter months in anticipation of spring. Coshiva’s infectious energy, personality and positivity demand attention and builds strong expectations for the rest of her impending album.

A further taste of the new album can be heard on the new BFI Vienna TV commercial which uses the track “Soak Up The Fun” – due for airing at the end of January.

Coshiva presents her latest album “One By One” (release date 25.01.2013) at an exclusive album launch concert on 30th January 2013 in the beautiful surroundings of the newly renovated club Chaya Fuera in Vienna. This is to be followed by a live concert at the ‘Radiokulturcafe’ in Vienna on the 10th of February – simultaneously broadcasted live on ‘Radio Wien’.

“One by One” stands as a vibrant collection of varied, catchy, positive and accessible songs, influenced by her inspirational travels to India. Telling tales of the most vital themes in life – love, desire, dreams and self-fulfilment – these positive works deliver an injection of ‘flower-power’ for modern times.

Coshiva’s messages are the perfect companion to anyone taking on the challenges of the modern, hectic lifestyle with a smile on their face and a positive outlook - those who are taking each day as it comes, one step at a time… or as the album title suggests ‘One By One’. Coshiva herself continues to develop her career as an independent artist step by step, and everyone is invited to come along with her on this way.