The Chronatic Quartet achieves what hardly any band can: Robbie Williams climbs onto the stage with Vivaldi, Brahms accompanies Freddie Mercury, Mozart goes on tour with Supertramp and Jon Bon Jovi rocks with Johann Sebastian Bach. Whether young or old, operagoer or rocker, high or pop culture: the four musicians build bridges where barriers usually block the way. There are no limits for the Chronatic Quartet. They unite musical styles that often only take place separately and are a melting pot for what makes music: passion, lifeblood, virtuosity, playfulness, freedom and all the things that are unspeakable but noticeable.

The quartet has been on the road for over ten years. Highlights so far: the culture prize of the city of Saarlouis 2016, various events of the Saarland radio, a performance at the Deutschlandfest in Berlin as well as numerous own concerts in Germany and abroad.

Virtuoso musical performances, exciting stories, comedy interludes, a look behind the scenes: an evening with the Chronatic Quartet is a dialogue of generations set to music, a journey through the fourth dimension and the epochs of music history!