With locks stretching from the grown of his head down to the sole of his feet, the artiste CALI P bears an auro of spirituality often identified with those whose sacred mission it is to take the message of Rastafari and Reggae/Dancehall music to the diverse parts of the earth. His easy manner comports with ones expectation of a life dedicated to a mission of justice, peace and love.

Residing in the Reggae capital of the world: Kingston, Jamaica over the past 6 years has hugely influenced Cali P, and helped him to develop his craft as a world-class reggae artist/musician. Having performed over 400 shows worldwide (in the past 10 years), he is clearly no newcomer to the stage and is definitely one of the most energetic performers of our time: CALI P lights up a stage show no matter where and what time!

One is able to discern strains of his multicultural heritage in music. Born Pierre Nanon to a mother from Switzerland and a Rastafarian father from French Carribean Island of Guadeloupe, CALI P seemed destined for the assignment of transcending racial and ethnic challenges in the promotions of his music. He speaks more than 4 languages fluently which is a big helo to CAL P in this worldwide communication. He describes himself as a singer, songwriter, rapper who can not be categorized into one musical genre. There is his authentic Roots Reggae music just like he has some heavy Dancehall songs and even Hip Hop or RnB you will find in his catalogue. Still one could add a lyrical firebrand who has been devoted to the playing of drums since the age of three.

Currently he is collaborating with HEMP HIGHER & FLASH HIT RECORDS on the production of his next album which will be released before the summer of 2016! CALI P definitely has a lot in store for his fans so make sure you look out for his new releases soon. Expectations are high but CALI P clearly has what it required, spiritually and musically speaking as he expresses the eternal truth of Rastafari with a youthful freshness that is so appealing.