Robert Nesta Marley Adoyo Nyawade, better known as „C-Black“, proves that his music does not know any country borders. His music just needs two things: talent & passion. The Salzburg-based musician with Kenyan roots convinces with an perfect English, an extraordinary sense of tact and an impressive voice, which also causes a stir at artists from the United States and Jamaica. C-Black is putting a lot of effort in his new album. Due to the length and the conception of the album, it will be a longplayer called “Dark Desert“. Deadly Hunta, Johnny Julianno, Mistah Gikko, Kabaka Pyramid and Ikaya will appear as feature-guests on „Dark Desert“. Responsible for the production of the beats are C-Black himself, Johnny Julianno and Willie B, who has also worked with internationally acclaimed artists like Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q and Busta Rhymes.