After nearly 20 years of raging against oppression and injustice, it is sometimes easy to forget that this multi-cultural British crew are also one of the most musically inventive, explosively exciting live bands on the planet.Now, their strongest line up yet combines their trademark fusion of punk rock, electronic beats, reggae, bhangra and hipVhop that has attracted many famous fans, from Primal Scream to Radiohead, Sinead O’Connor to Chuck D, all former touring partners and studio collaborators. Over the years, this ever-evolving band have continued to expand their agenda, delivering live soundtracks to film and tackling operas, while taking their fiery mix of music and social activism to far-flung places where conventional western rock bands rarely tour: Morocco, India, Cuba and the favelas of Brazil.The recent re-staging of their live soundtrack to French film ‘La Haine’ acted as a catalyst to forming the current line up, where founding guitarist Steve Savale has been rejoined by original members Dr Das (Bass) and Rocky Singh (drums). Over 12 years on from it’s conception, ‘La Haine’ was performed live at London’s notorious Broadwater Farm Housing Estate – a fitting setting for a film about urban angst, in the location of one of the UK’s most infamous riots. Das and Rocky were part of ADF when the score was originally written and subsequently former vocalist Ghetto Priest also returned. Alongside ADFs newer members, Aktarvata and Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee, the band has become complete.The new line up’s first live performance was at Festival Chorus in Paris in April 2013 and as the show finished, the band knew this was it – this was the real deal. They kept rehearsing and by using the spirit generated through the turn of events that brought them back together, it seemed only natural that they took the next step and started to write new material.Next, enter the legendary producer Adrian Sherwood and ADF began to record the brilliant new album, ’More Signal More Noise’.
An early version of the album was released in Japan in July 2013 titled ’The Signal and The Noise’. Live shows to support the record in Japan were spectacular performances, which enthralled audiences and gave new impetus to the songs, so the decision was made to re-record the album both tighter and tougher.

The definitive version is being scheduled for release in July 2015 and ADF are more powerful than ever!