Sketches on Duality - Blessed [official video]

Well, 2020 was hard, but there are good things we can hold on to! Like the new single of Vienna-based Live-Hip-Hop/Acid-Jazz band Sketches on Duality. Coming from different corners of the world, they met at a famed groove jam-session in Vienna and fell in love. That is what you feel when listening to their creative compositions and arrangements. Not another constructed Act, but real. Real music, by five of Vienna’s finest session-musicians. Not showing off their skills - but rather just vibing and having fun doing what they love. After their well received debut album "Spectrum", released in 2019, this diverse supergroup just put out their new single BLESSED - exactly what we need after this crazy year. With BLESSED they are spreading good vibrations with a tinge of sarcastic humor and criticism, taking a short trip to outer space and back - without slipping into shallow cliches. Londoner wordsmith Jahson the Scientist takes us by the hand and reminds us of what’s good in this life. Life alone is a blessing, letting go of baggage is a blessing, being free to do you is a blessing, and seeing your own value is the biggest blessing of all.
For the cover artwork and the visual realization of the music video, the band collaborated with the Vienna based Italian painter and installation artist, Esther Stocker.