Ricardo Cuba Sound Club

The best-aged original of the “young” Buena Vista-generation

About Ricardo Hernandez a Prof. Higgins would say: „Oh yes, he’s got it!“ And indeed, this man has rhythm in his veinsand the Cuban inspiration in his voice! Ricardo is one of the veritable gems within the “younger” generation of musicians defining their roots in Buena Vista – having played and toured with Tanameno, Hermanos Avilez, Tainos de Mayarim, Rumba Habana, and the many more. He is both inspiration and demand for his musicians to arrive at new musical horizons and rhythmic thunderstorms within the swing of „good ol‘ Cuba“ – making the legends of Wim Wender’s movie nearly come back alive on stage, inheriting their power, their nearly lost memories and their souls to this marvelous singer. An evening equal to a short holiday trip to Cuba ….! When this guy sings, it seems without any effort – he delivers sparkling stories which made Cuba so famous in the musical landscape … a crooner of his very own sort. Together with his two pretty backgroundvocalists Ricardo is going to boost any party until the audience is dancing the night away.