Rafael Amargo

Rafael Amargo
With his new show Suite Flamenca he will go on international Tour for the first time.
In Suite Flamenca he has worked with Juan Parrilla, one of the biggest names of flamenco music.
Top fashion designer, Amaya Arzuaga, has been chosen to create and tailor Suite Flamenca costumes.

Rafael's awards and references are long. Here is just an excerpt:
•    1998: First Dance Prize in the Nacional Dance Contest in La Unión
•    2002-2004: BEST MALE DANCER: Prize Max of the Scenic Arts
•    2008: Finalist in Lawrence Olivier Awards as Best Musical Choreographer for the West End Musical “ El Zorro” directed by Chris Renshaw.
•    2008: Jury-Member at French TV programme STAR ACADEMY (TF1)
•    2009: Laurence Olivier Award Nomination (Society of London Theatre):
•    2011: Spanish Patrimony  by the International Dance Council of UNESCO
•    2011: John Kraaijkamp Musical Award Nomination (Dutch Theater Awards) : BEST CHOREOGRAPHY
The show we are touring is Suite Flamenca. Moreover Rafael can be also booked for special events.