Jack Radics

With a musical career that has spanned for more than 2 decades and over 2.8 million in sales and over 1.8 million Youtube hits, Jack Radics has earned his reputation as an ambassador of music. He formed and influenced the vanguard of a bright and new foray of a classical genre combining "Soul/Pop & Reggae," a historical event.
Radics distinguished himself as a Band Leader, Solo Artist, Songwriter, and Music Producer/Arranger, who during his career he has collaborated with a phenomenal list of the most prominent musicians and producers. In Jamaica, Jack Radics belongs at the spearhead of these artists who control all variants of Reggae and other genres that have reached in their profession more or less everything one can achieve. This suggests the remarkable diversity of his career and styles.
In his songs the blood of Reggae pulsates only discreetly, what is prevailing here is a universal "Pop Language" .
The sovereignty seized by the duality of Jack Radics pleasantly dark voice and optimistically melodies, prospers admirably.
"Jacks' irresistible stage performance and voice quickly and firmly established his reputation, repeatedly as one of the greatest entertainers.