Edith The Show

Jil Aigrot

My involvement in the movie « La Vie En Rose » is mostly due to total luck or to what I would call luck! It was in February 2005, I was preparing an EDITH PIAF concert as the public continued to ask me to sing her songs during my concerts. I had decided I would read more about her life.

One day while looking for a pharmacy I came across a mall with a large bookstore. I noticed a sign reading Tonight at 8pm, meet Ginou Richer author of Edith Piaf, My Friend. I decided I had to meet her and found her inside signing books.

Ginou was seated, autographing her books, I decided to buy the book and have her sign it because Ginou had been Edith’s secretary. When my turn came I told her that I was preparing a concert based on the work of “La Môme”. She asked me to sing a favorite piece of her music. Afterwards Ginou said “you have something of her” which was encouraging bet I never thought about it anymore.

Before long I was contacted by Ginou and asked if I was interested in auditioning for a new movie based on the life of Piaf. She also said that despite auditioning many people they still hadn’t found their Piaf.

I auditioned for Olivier Dahan, the writer and director on November 11, 2005 and afterwards, he said that they would be in contact very soon. I had no idea how soon. Two hours later they called again to ask me to work on the songs and one week later I was officially cast as the voice Piaf. Immediately I began work on the incredible film “La Vie En Rose”, I was thrilled meet and work with the marvelous actress Marion Cotillard who gave such a remarkable performance in the movie.

So began the incredible journey, I don’t live in Paris, I had no idea that they were casting this movie. Only faith, luck and a trip to a bookstore brought me here and now I am beginning many more journeys around world. What an incredible adventure.



From the city of Cannes in the south of France, Jil Aigrot began studying voice at an early age and specializing in the art of the French song. As a musical theater performer in her formative years she was particularly interested in Light Opera by composters like Bizet and Offenbach. But as a concert singer, Jil’s reputation grew in France with appearances on French TV in popular shows. As a result of this exposure, she appeared as a singer in an episode of Remington Steel with Pierce Brosnan.

Roles as an actress / singer followed in the lamed Dell’Arte Cie in Nice. She appeared in shows like La Rue, Brel est Vivant, Il habite aux Marquises at the Avignon Festival, Les Inchantées, Sur La Butte and a special tribute to Jacques Brel staged by the city of Cannes. It was in 2006 she was cast as the voice of Edith Piaf by Olivier Dahan, director of the acclaimed movie, La Vie En Rose. Reviews of her work as an interpreter of the work of Piaf in the movie and on the concert stage have resulted in worldwide acclaim. Her CD, “Words of Love” released on LML Music is a Tribute to the singing and the songs of Edith Piaf.