Capitan Tifus


Capitan Tifus, is an Argentinean Independent band which mixes rock with ska, reggae, funk and South American roots.

Its energy shows all the passion of the life at Buenos Aires, combining tango lyrics with a fresh inspiring spirit.

The band has been playing for six years all over Argentina and Europe playing at Italy, Austria, Germany, Czeck Republic and



The bandʼs first album Flores del Bosque de Bolonia was produced by Matías Cella (producer of Academy Award Winner Jorge Drexler) and edited by EMI.

It had an excellent answer from the press and radio stations.In March 2012 they will release their new album E Viva! which demo has

already won creative prizes in their country.

Live shows

Capitan Tifus has a powerful live show, which deeply connects with the audience. They have a unique

combination of Latin rhythms, deep voices moving melodies of guitar and violin, and an amazing

performance. It is a show you cannot stop watching and will enjoy from the beginning to the end.


International Work

The band participated in numerous festivals around their country, such as the TV show Nokia Trends Artemotion.

Vicky, the lead singer, was invited by Dub Legend Mad Professor, to sing and record at the UK in 2007.

They toured around Europe in 2011 playing 40 concerts. In 2012 they have a world tour plan which will include Central

Europe, Russia and Japan.


Institutional Recognitions

On 2010 they were Declared of Cultural Interest by the City of Buenos Aires.The 2011 European Tour was sponsored by the Secretary of Culture and the Ministery of

Foreign Affairs of Argentina. The Comuna de Bologna, Italy, invited the band to represent theircountry at the Botanique Festival.

2012 Plan

The band is actually recording their new album which will be released in 2012 with a press release in Argentina. On May they will be at Germany, invited by the Karneval of Kultures of

Berlin and the Fusion Festival. After several shows they will play at Russia and Japan invited by the Cervantes Institute and with other 6 dates confirmed for October.