Gary Lucas: 25 shows and counting since lockdown


After rescheduling most of their 2020 tourdates to 2021, Third Worlds call for „More Work To Be Done“ will be continued in 2021.

Bookings for 2021: Walter Laurer ,

This is a rarely heard story in Jazz that a promotional video clip for a Jazz song, in fact even a Blues Spiritual, is collecting clicks and views on YouTube quicker than many Pop releases. And...

New Alpha Steppa Album Release May 29. (

This bluesy gospel hymn of my grandmothers is a musical libation to them. Originally written and sung by unnamed and undocumented African American mothers, fathers, workers, prisoners, preachers, sons and daughters, I gave it a lyrical update. It supports an awareness of Holding On to a vision of liberation, of looking forward when the ground beneath our feet seems to move backwards.
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