DelaDap release new Christmas-single for “Licht ins Dunkel”

Have you ever wondered why?

The first line of the new single from Balkan-rooted electro swing masters DELADAP from Vienna poses the question probably asked again and again, especially so in winter season of short days and long nights.
 While TV and media are flooded with retrospectives and “main events” during the turn of the year, DELADAP present a very new facet of their broad pop-understanding differing strongly from their dance-party swing sounds.
 With piano as main instrument and a children's choir they form an all emotional ballad, stirring, touching, but without kitsch, exploring the often philosophical and thoughtful songwriting mind of DELADAP’s mastermind Stani Vana.
 The live-premiere of the single will take place at the “Licht ins Dunkel”-charity gala on December 13 in the time-honored Radiokulturhaus in Vienna broadcasted on ORF.