The Original James Brown Band

Encore Un Tour has the pleasure to present in agreement with Lac Management and Mom Produtions the first European tour in exclusivity "RJ and the James Brown Band".

RJ & The James Brown Band are here to carry on the musical legacy of the last Godfather of Soul.

The lead singer, RJ, remained beside James Brown and he was the voice lining during the last years. Their relationship was more than simply professional, they were good friends until his death. Rj was appointed by James Brown to keep the bandefficiently working as long as possible. Brown would often sayto RJ while standing on stage, « I want you to stay here in front, 'cause one day you'll have to stay here up front ».

So why not keep alive the Godfather's music ?

« We don't play anything new , what's the use ? James Brown had already recorded the best music and he has left us enough for everyone to enjoy for a lifetime. We are happy to share his music where it belongs : on stage. »

When you see RJ & the James Brown Band, close your eyes and listen. You'll feel like James Brown is there, with the band.

Brass : Hollie Farris, Jeff Watkins, Leroy Harper, Waldo Weathers, and Joe Collier
Guitars : Keith Jenkins, Robert Watson, Ronald Laster, and Darryel Brown
Bass : Fred Thomas and Ray Brundrige
Drums : Robert "Mousey" Thompson and Tony Cook
Percussions : George "Spike" Nealy
Keyboards : Jerry Poindexter
Chorists : Cynthia Moore, Lisa Rushton, Martha Harvin, Amy Christian, Kelly Jarrell and Sheila Wheat
Dancers : Yonna Wynne & Shauna Ric
And of course, M.C. Danny Ray