After rescheduling most of their 2020 tourdates to 2021, Third Worlds call for „More Work To Be Done“ will be continued in 2021.

Bookings for 2021: Walter Laurer ,

This is a rarely heard story in Jazz that a promotional video clip for a Jazz song, in fact even a Blues Spiritual, is collecting clicks and views on YouTube quicker than many Pop releases. And...

New Alpha Steppa Album Release May 29. (

This bluesy gospel hymn of my grandmothers is a musical libation to them. Originally written and sung by unnamed and undocumented African American mothers, fathers, workers, prisoners, preachers, sons and daughters, I gave it a lyrical update. It supports an awareness of Holding On to a vision of liberation, of looking forward when the ground beneath our feet seems to move backwards.
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#StayHealthy #RockOn

Due to the Coronavirus the tour for KOOL & THE GANG – in Asia & Australia for March / April 2020 will be rescheduled to 2021.
We are looking forward to celebrate with the ...