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13.01 - Weekender / Innsbruck / Austria
14.01 - Stwst Stadtwerkstatt / Linz / Austria
20.01 - KIFF / Aarau / Switzerland
21.01 - TBC / TBC / Germany
22.01 - TBC / TBC / France
25.01 - Kramladen *trackshow / Vienna / Austria
27.01 - Universum / Stuttgart / Germany
28.01 - Sottotetto SoundClub / Bologna / Italy
29.01 - TBC / TBC / Italy

Wir sind stolz, dass unser Artist DelaDap auf der diesjährigen Licht ins Dunkel-Benefiz-CD mit der speziell für Weihnachten neu aufgenommenen Ballade „One Goal In The End“ vertreten ist! Jetzt auch überall im Radio und zum Download!


Have you ever wondered why?

The first line of the new single from Balkan-rooted electro swing masters DELADAP from Vienna poses the question probably asked again and again, especially so in winter season of short days and long nights.
 While TV and media are flooded with retrospectives and “main events” during the turn of the year, DELADAP present a very new facet of their broad pop-understanding...

 NEW ALBUM coming from this groundbreaking duo

Man Vs. Sofa is the latest step in a five year journey undertaken by two undeniable heavyweights in UK bass music, On-U Sound founding father Adrian Sherwood, and Tectonic bass warlord Rob Ellis aka Pinch.

Following on from their debut album in 2015, the critically acclaimed Late Night Endless, the duo come together in the...

Date: 15.12.2016
Venue: Orpheum, Graz
Tickets: http://www.spielstaetten.at/program-detail.3.167961.htm

Auf eine vorweihnachtliche Entdeckungsreise in die Welt der Gospels, der Graceland-Songs und des Jazz wird uns die afrikanische Gruppe Nobunto aus Zimbabwe mit der bezaubernden Chanda Rule, eine der großen schwarzen Stimmen...

The Latin-guitar hero and creator of the world-known Christmas carol „Feliz navidad“ joins forces with a very young fan and delivers a stunning duet-version with this bright, innocent kid’s voice – let your tears of joy, love and peace run free this Christmas season when this video is going to touch the hearts of millions of viewers around the world!

DelaDap will release „REMIXED I” and “REMIXED II” simultaneously on digital this Friday, November 11, 2016 – the first remix and re-edit collection of these co-founders of Balkan-rooted Electro-Swing from Vienna, the gate-keeper between East and West and the ideal terroir for fusing the two worlds in music … The two collections include rare remixes not available anymore of all their greatest hits including “...

THE BOOMTOWN RATS (Bob Geldof, Garry Roberts, Pete Briquette & Simon Crowe)

2017 marks the 40th anniversary of the release of this legendary band’s first single, which will be celebrated with an extensive European tour and brand-new songs & remixes.

Formed in 1975 in Dublin...

Look at the pictures of their current release-tour for their album "BRING IT ON" and watch the video of the new single "MERRY GO ROUND" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLxRxDITYxw

Pictures: (c) Dominik Frühauf